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21 November 2007

Floor Manager

Ooops, it’s not what you think, this is not about a working person’s title… it’s about how we can better manage our floors, particularly our garage floors. Often, we take for granted the floors in this part of our house. We beautify our living room floors and bedroom floors but we seldom think of improving or beautifying our garage floors. But when we think about it, we invest so much in our vehicles and in preserving our cars to the best of our ability and yet the foremost place where we leave our vehicles is left with bare concrete floors that crack and get stained with constant tire and foot traffic. Besides, where else do we spend time tinkering away at our cars than our garage? No worries… the most practical yet attractive garage flooring could be found at CAR GUY GARAGE. You can choose from a wide variety of floor tiles or you can even just treat the existing concrete floor you have with professional grade epoxy. So, with these choices, we can be better “Floor Managers”!

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