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02 August 2007

Rush Hour 3

Finally, the movie that my husband and I have been waiting for for the longest time is going to be shown come August 8! Sound like the start of an ad right? But no, I'm just super excited because the last movie date my husband and I had was on our 1st wedding anniversary last April... And although we both were awaiting movies like Spiderman, Harry Potter, etc. we were not able to watch it because of our crazy schedule. Yes folks, I have yet to watch Harry Potter, huhuhu! And I most probably won't be able to watch it on the big screen and settle for waiting for it to come out on DVD! But there's no use crying over spilled milk, I will just have to look forward to a different kind of movie. Here's a funny story: Last night as hubby and I were watching the news a trailer for the movie Rush Hour 3 came on and both hubby and I said "Yes!" at the same time, we looked at each other and were grinning like crazy. Then we burst out laughing and talking at the same time, after the giggles subsided, we planned when we're going to watch the movie and where. And we were so excited we ended up dancing and chanting in a stupid sing-song "manonood kami ng sine" over and over again even while washing the dishes and preparing for bed. *LOL* We were like kids again, and all because of a trailer of Rush Hour 3!

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