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03 August 2007

Level Complete!

I just can't wait to brag about my newly acquired skill... I have now finished self-studying on how to use Photoshop! Yes! I have even started making elements for my digiscrap hobby. Well nothing really hard yet, just a couple of frames and several doodle flowers for a layout of an invitation I did recently. But the point is, I did it on my own. See my header? I did that using Photoshop with Anita Designs' Country Delite quickpage and elements. Before, I just use livepix to make my LOs but now I can definitely relate all the others who use PS! Also, it's much more easier to make layouts for tarpaulines and stuff.

Another cause for self-congratulation... I have recently joined the bandwagon of earning bloggers by being a PayPerPost blogger. I have yet to post something for them though because this blog has been idle for quite a long time and I have to be approved to make my first post. But there it is, I have made the first step (and also the second because I have installed PPP tools in this blog... if anyone wants to join the league of earning bloggers just scroll down and click on the appropriate box in the PayPerPost section).

I guess the business-minded side of me has been super active lately because I have also earned quite a sizable amount selling Victoria's Secret Lotions and colognes to my officemates and friends. Oh, and I have three more events lined up to make invitations, giveaways and tarpaulines for... Hopefully by December I would have earned enough to add to my current savings and be able to buy a car, nyahahaha! Previously-owned though because I am not earning by the hundred thousand just yet!

Ok, so I've over-excited myself once again and written so much more than just the quick update that I was planning to do... now it's back to work for me!

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