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23 August 2007

Birthday Bash

Long vacation... long hours of making up at work... That's why this post is long overdue. First of all let me thank Ann for the recipe gift and for the greetings. Bear with me sis, for I have a mountain of paperwork to finish at work first before I can send you the header thingie. Anyways, since my birthday fell on a Holiday, my family and I got to enjoy a simple yet filling and memorable lunch. I cooked Beef Caldereta, Chicken Pastel, Lumpiang Shanghai and Grilled Pusit. Baby sis, Mae also prepared the ice cream with bananas and chocolate syrup because we liked it so much and Mom bought an ube macapuno roll at goldilocks... simply because it's violet! My mom will never forget na yata that my favorite color ever since I can remember is all shades of violet so even though it's not my favorite cake flavor she bought it for me. Here's several photos taken that day to commemorate the event.

Credits: Muddled Kit by Anita Designs

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