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24 March 2009

Three Kings

Last Saturday my cousin Levie had a celebration cum Thanksgiving for having passed the Nursing Board Exam (Congrats Levie!).  It was also an opportunity for a family get-together and photo-ops.  Since it was the first time that "the three kings" - that's what our relatives call my son and the sons of two of my cousins because they were born a month apart and they're all boys - got together, most the cameras were focused on them.  Of course, the pictures included their mommies so here they are...
That's me and my baby Adam, my cousin Tin-tin and her son Ethan, and my cousin Erika with her son NC.
upper photo: us again, this time with Inang Chayong (our grandmother); lower photo: Me with Adam
and this is me again with my son.

Of the three, Ethan was born first (Dec. 4, 2008), then came my little Adam (Jan. 26, 2009) and then NC (Feb. 13, 2009).  It was our Uncle Jim who coined the "Three Kings" bit.  He even said Ethan was going to be called Mel (short for Melchor), Adam was to be Gas (short for Gaspar) and NC would be Bal (short for Baltazar).  Of course only Uncle Jim calls them that, hehehe!


Liza said...

Congratulations to Levie! Kakatuwa naman ang 3 boys nyo. May barkadahan na agad hahaha.

AiDiSan said...

cute babies and mommies too.