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31 March 2009

Multi-tasking Worked!

For the past several days now, I have been cramming to accomplish several unrelated stuff:  finishing preparations for my son's christening on Easter Sunday, filling-up numerous forms and compiling document requirements for my upcoming promotion () and filing for refund of the overpayment of a loan deducted from my salary.  Now, I am happy to report that I have finally finished two of them and am now concentrating on putting on the finishing touches to my son's baptism preps.  And here I thought doing all these at the same time is making things more difficult and longer to finish...  At least now I only have a few more errands to run (finalizing the menu with the caterer, finishing the DIY giveaways and printing and distributing the invitations).

Meanwhile, Adam turned two months last March 26 and although we were not able to celebrate it like when he turn 1-month old, he definitely has grown bigger, heavier and stronger.  He often coos, gurgles and sometimes even shouts at us when we are talking to him.  He even chuckles once in a while now.  It really is amazing how fast babies grow and develop!

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