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25 January 2009


To everyone who has been wondering whether "Labor Day" has come and gone for me, well... it hasn't! I am still awaiting Adam's arrival until now. Meanwhile, I have organized and re-organized stuff around the apartment, cleaned until there isn't a speck of dust, watched TV until my eyes are tired and thought out every scenario of when and how I'm going to have this baby. It's hard pala when you're this bored... specially for me, because I have always lacked the patience to wait! Now, I'm at my parents' house. Charlie has finally put his foot down and said I should not exhaust myself too much and just wait patiently for when Adam is ready and willing to come out. He has a point, I mean all these complaining and re-arranging of whatever I get my hands on isn't going to help... Besides hubby would at least have his piece of mind while he's at the office, now that I'm here where there would be lots of people who could call him and bring me to the hospital when the time comes. My youngest sister promised Charlie she would accompany me to long walks every afternoon (after school) to hasten Adam's descent.

Yesterday's checkup and ultrasound (yes another one!) resulted to just like the one I had a week before... still 2cm... and Adam's still 7 lbs. (which is making me worry even more if I'm going to be able to deliver normally) My next checkup is scheduled for the 27th and I am hoping that by then there would be a development that would lead to my giving birth na!

Anyway, to keep my mind off all that, my neice Marian has been a constant source of entertainment. I mean looking at the pictures below, wouldn't you get entertained as well?!


Maeyo said...

Hay Sis.. Waiting for labor day is the most painstaking part of pregnancy. That was the time na nagka-depress-depress pa ako dahil beyond due date na ako.

Anyway, your hubby is right get all the rest you can get (aside from the brisk walks) because you will need it during and after labor.

Take care always and hang in there!

Juliana said...

here's wishing and praying for your safe delivery.

hope to see the bouncing baby boy soon!

take care!