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13 January 2009

Burst of Energy

In the past couple of weeks I have often felt tired and unable to accomplish much. Sad to say I have been whining most of the time about the hardships of pregnancy and the complications of having an asthma while being pregnant. But lately (as in yesterday lang and so far, today!) I have been feeling this surge of energy that has prompted me to accomplish tasks I have been longing to do for about a month now but have always put off for a number of reasons. Hmmm... let me see... Yesterday, after my checkup and BPS, I have gone to the offices of PhilHealth in Manila and updated my account (in preparation for giving birth); upon arriving home at around two in the afternoon, I didn't feel tired at all and decided to re-organize our clothes that has piled on top of the spare mattress in the other bedroom after a couple of laundry days and I didn't get to fold and put in place; and then still feeling a perky, I cooked adobo and fried rice which hubby and I ate for dinner! Wow, it might not sound like a lot for others but I tell you, the way I have been lazing about these past weeks... that's quite a lot for me! And now, here at work I have already finished filing records brought down from the different departments and I'm preparing several written instructions for whoever is going to substitute me during my maternity leave which will start next week. Hay... it feels good to be able to accomplish so much in just a matter of hours... it makes me feel more ready to tackle the next challenge that would come my way (and when I say challenge, I mean the anticipation of giving birth!). Also, it takes my mind off the fact that any minute now... you know!

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Jen said...

could it be your nesting? baby's coming soon :).

safe delivery to you!