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29 December 2008

Sick & Waiting

There's nothing worse than getting sick at the peak of the holidays... Oh, but there is... Getting sick at the peak of the holidays while pregnant and waiting just a few more days before "labor day"!

I have been avoiding going out precisely because I know the fumes from the firecrackers and whatnot that plague the air as the new year comes would trigger yet another asthma attack but still... Now I can barely breathe with this blasted runny nose... I just pray that this wouldn't develop into a full blown asthma attack as I am having hard time with the pregnancy as it is without further complications.

My OB declared it's highly probable that I will be giving birth by the 2nd week of January and I can hardly keep the excitement at bay... but this sickly feeling I am having now is putting a damper on things. Right now, I am just thankful that my baby continues to be "active" despite my being sick and having to take medication (of course, approved by my OB and pulmonologist) and that it's not for a few more days that I have to go back to work. I wouldn't want to start my maternity leave too early as I want to spend as much time with my baby after he comes out...

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Maeyo said...

WOW! Ang lapit na pala... Hope you get well soon!

True, it's the waiting for labor day that can be nerve-wracking.

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best for the NEW YEAR!!!