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16 December 2008

Happy House

I know it sounds like the name of a biscuit (here in the Philippines) but it's not about that. It's my first time to join Tuesday Toot and I hope I'm doing it right... here goes:

Today I was able to finish cleaning the spare bedroom at our apartment (it might sound as not such a great accomplishment to most people but when your 8 months preggy and you almost always feel like your tummy is going to "pop" any minute from it's sheer hugeness and heaviness... this is quite an accomplishment for me!) and now it's ready for when my hubby's cousin comes to stay with us (maybe 2nd week of January). She's going to help out with the baby when it comes specially since I only have a couple of months leave (maternity) and then I'd have to go back to work again. I believe a clean house is a happy house and so I feel that my house is happy now that I got to finish clearning out the boxes and whatnot from that spare room after almost 4 months!

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