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15 December 2008


My bloghoppers and frequent visitors may have noticed that I have not updated in a week, here's why...

Monday, December 8, I went on my regular bi-monthly check-up (since I'm already in the last trimester of my pregnancy) and was declared still fit to work. The only concern my OB had was that I still had signs of UTI and my RBC was low. And so she prescribed a higher dosage of meds and scheduled a repeat urinalysis and a BPS for my next visit. She wanted me to come every three days now but since the hospital is quite far from where we live she conceded for me to come on a weekly basis instead.

Tuesday, December 9, I felt really bad... sort of heavy and my thighs were cramping. I dismissed it as just fatigue from my visit to the doctor the previous day (hubby and I walked and climbed and walked most of the day) and told my husband I was just going to rest for the day and call in sick at work.

The following days (Wednesday and Thursday) I was still feeling the same, in fact the pain was getting harder to bare because everytime I get up to go to the bathroom or get something for myself (I was alone in the house) I felt sharp pain in my lower tummy, thighs and upper legs. I didn't have any unusual discharge though so I thought it was just something I had to endure.

Friday, December 12, was my Mom's 61st Birthday... I really wanted to come but I was still feeling the same so I texted her my greetings and explained to her that I wouldn't be able to come for her "family only" celebration. By lunch time my Dad texted me and told me that he was going to pick me up so I could partake in my mom's birthday lunch and merienda celebration. Of course before I could protest he was already there, pressing the doorbell, waiting for me to get dressed, hehehe... very typical of Dad! Anyway, when my parents saw me, they said I looked pale and it shows that I was really in pain when I walk or shift positions even when sitting down so my Dad insisted that he take me to the hospital. When I arrived, the OB said she was not going to let me go home because I was 2cm dilated. What?! I was only going on my 34th week! I'm not ready yet! Hubby (who arrived about an hour after I was admitted) was acting calm and collected and kept telling me to "just let it be" and "you're going to be fine" but I could sense that he too was also nervous and wasn't expecting this yet. I kept praying and praying that I be given more time to prepare myself. Good enough, by around 9pm of the same day I was told that I was down to 1cm and if my condition continues to improve, they were going to discharge me the following day. Thankfully, I was allowed to go home by Saturday noon. And here I am again, back to work... still feeling heavy and my legs are still cramping a bit but not like before. Hmmm.... baby boy would just have to wait until mommy's good and ready for him to come out. Hehehe! Seriously though, I would love to see my baby as soon as possible (in fact no one could be more excited to see him but me) but I really want to try and deliver normally and right now, he's still in breech position so... Baby boy, heed your mommy's request and position yourself properly...


AiDiSan said...

Hello Sis,

I suggest to take a lot of rest and not to move so much, if possible, I would suggest that you file your leave and free yourself from work stress, it's going to be your first born and i'm sure your praying for a normal delivery.

Keep praying. Your loved one's are eager to see your little bundle of joy.

Maeyo said...

Naku sis... hope you feel better soon. Nga pala... if you want to help your baby move from breech position, I have a few tips for you... let me know if you are interested. I had the same worries din before kasi my baby girl was also breech by around the same week of pregnancy.

Hugz. Take care always.

Heidi said...

@ AiDiSan ~ I am trying to rest as much as I can but I don't want to go on leave from work yet... I want to be able to enjoy as much time with the baby as I can after he's born so I'm putting off filing my maternity leave until at least 2nd week of January.

@ Maeyo ~ Thanks! I am feeling a bit better na naman... and yes, I am very interested on how I can help my baby move.