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25 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

I have been completely lazy these past few days in updating this blog... I've been busy preparing for the coming of "Charles Adam Yadao"... yes folks, that's what Charlie and I have decided on naming our first baby. Recently, all purchases has been in preparation of our baby boy's arrival, like a crib, several clothes, baby beddings and all the other stuff babies need. This year, my godchildren would have to just understand their ninang's inability to buy them personalized gifts as they just received an enveloped monetary equivalent as their "aguinaldo". I just didn't have the energy to brave the malls and tiangges before the holidays hit. And now that I have more time, I have been avoiding stressing myself and excessive walking as I have not reached my 36th week of pregnancy, which my OB and I are aiming for before Adam decides he can't wait anymore and it's time for him to come out. As of the moment, he's still in breech position and although I have been trying everything everyone has been telling me to do to get this boy in the right position, he's just not moving as desired. Anyway, I still have a couple of weeks and hopefully he heeds mommy's requests really soon.
Right now, I'm here at my parents' house... waiting for my godchildren to collect their gifts... trying to stop myself from attacking the refrigerated cake that my sister made... and preparing myself, conserving a bit of energy before cooking spaghetti this afternoon...
To everyone.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May the spirit of the season fill our hearts and may love, giving and selfless touch everyone's homes all year round. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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