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17 December 2008

Sale Shopping!

Today I went to the office super late... I just couldn't let the chance to shop Factory Sale items for my baby boy and so I asked my sister, Zelle, to accompany me to an early morning (the sale started at 9am and we were there by 9:30) shopping for baby clothes and beddings. I found out that there's going to be a sale from my Aunt who works at the same factory (Hello Dolly Manufacturing / Canadian). Today is the last day before they do their annual inventory or something. Imagine baby mittens for only one peso per piece. Newborn onesies for Php 45. Newborn sleeveless shirts (the ones with buttons on the shoulder) for Php 27. Baby briefs for Php 30. Short sleeve button down shirts for Php 33. Baby Pajama bottoms for Php 35. Crib comforters for Php 250. Baby pillow cases for Php 20. Baby bolster pillows (with pillow case) for Php 50. Breastfeeding pillows for Php 225. And Bolster pillow cases for Php 25. There were also comforter sets and beddings for king size beds but I didn't really want to get distracted from my baby things shopping so I didn't pay attention to their prices anymore. The sale lasts until 5pm only today and I just had to partake in it! I can't get over how many I was able to buy with only Php 1,300. I would have bought more if I wasn't worried that my sis and I wouldn't be able to carry it all and that I really had to go to work today because we're going to have our office christmas party (4:30pm) and I'm one of the people in-charge of the decorations. Anyway, I am satisfied with what I was able to take home without making a big dent on my budget!


~ Mhay ~ said...

Hi sis! I'm sorry to put you on the spot..hope you can do this. Happy holidays!

Liza said...

that's nice, andami mong nabili :D