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11 November 2008


I'ts good that I get to blog now... I have been waiting for the opportunity to do so since this morning. I have been buried in paperwork and other work stuff because I had to go on leave yesterday for a checkup.

~ * ~

Yesterday's checkup was an advanced one... I decided to go early this month because my scheduled checkup on the 21st will coincide with a personnel audit at the office so I cannot go on leave then. What was surprising about my visit to the doctor was that I found out that I lost 2 pounds! What?! I couldn't believe it... I have been pigging out on whatever food strikes my fancy these days and yet I lost 2 lbs.? Anyway, my OB says it's no cause for alarm as long as the baby's fine and I am eating healthy. It's just that my blood pressure is still stuck at 90/60. Plus, despite my calcium supplement intake, I am still getting cramps. Haay! just a little less than 3 months to go and all these would pay off... I am just focusing on the wonderful fact that I am going to say our baby soon.

~ * ~

The tentative date for my baby shower has been set to December 12. It's my mom's birthday but she says it's as good a time as any to hold the small party so it wouldn't coincide with Christmas Parties of the attendees. I was actually thinking of holding it on January but my sisters said it would be better to have it next month so I could start ticking off possible gifts for the baby and buy the rest of the baby needs after the shower. Makes sense...

~ * ~

Finally, my office is going to get the attention it needs from maintenance this week, hmmp! If the Personnel Audit wasn't scheduled for the 21st, I'm sure I would be waiting until next year pa for the much needed light fixtures maintenance and the installation of a new airconditioning unit!


Maeyo said...

Something I discovered about cramps during pregnancy... I used to get it a lot, especially in the middle of the night. Try stretching your legs and pointing your toes up as far as you can. Hubby used to help me with it at first. Later on, I mastered it and could fix the cramp immediately. :) Let me know if it works for you.

Heidi said...

@ Maeyo ~ Actually, I do this naman and it helps ease the pain but sometimes kasi when I'm in the office and has been sitting for quite a while, pag tayo ko nabibigla ako sa sakit. Minsan tuloy, I walk with a limp... kainis!

HotMomma said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, tocino is an all-time Pinoy favourite, he he he!

hope you and the baby are well!

Liza said...

hi heidi! thanks for visiting, nakakagulat nga yung 2 lbs, pag preggy kasi laging pataas ang weight ahahaha.

The Modern Mom

Heidi said...

@ hotmomma ~ you're welcome!

@ liza ~ oo nga e, ska di ko naman na-feel na nag-loose ako ng timbang, in fact I feel heavier nga! LOL!

Maeyo said...

Heidi, another thing, while I was still working in the office while preggy, my work involved a lot of sitting down lalo na pag engrossed na sa ginagawa. Someone told me to keep my feet up or at least, a bit elevated para hindi nakabitin. (Place a small box by your feet to put your feet on perhaps) It helped with those type of cramps. I remember my sis used to even set an alarm clock for every 5-10mins. to remind her get up and walk. Pag preggy daw kasi don't stay in one position. Anyway, just thought of sharing po.

Otherwise, enjoy the pregnancy. :)

Heidi said...

@ Maeyo ~ I am trying that walking thing every once in a while but sometimes I just get so engrossed with work that I forget to do it na... so short of copying your sis and setting an alarm for every 5 or 10 minutes, I would just have to endure the cramps for now.