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14 November 2008

Hot Pandesal & Cold Milk

Food Friday

This was my late merienda yesterday as I was so hungry already when I got home from work but have yet to make dinner... I said to myself, dinner would be late anyway (hubby has overtime work so he would be coming home late) so I would have space to spare for a quick merienda. I ran to a nearby bakery and found newly baked pandesal so I bought some and just spread butter and liver spread in them as filling and washed them down with a tall glass of cold milk. Hmmm.... quite satisfying. In fact I was still a bit full by the time hubby came home so I wasn't able to eat as much of our pork adobo dinner, hehehe!


AiDiSan said...

Hello Sis,

Here in the office, we meet as early as 6am every thursday for consistency meeting and take turns in bringing pandesal & palaman, so we had hot pandesal filled with peanut butter & mango jam...oh it was heaven!!! it really made my day ( so babaw, but it's true.

Take a lot of care Sis!

Heidi said...

it's the simple things in life naman that are really nakaka-miss sometimes... hehehe!