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07 November 2008

Fettuccine Alfredo & Chicken Wings

Food Friday

Last night, after work, I went straight to my parents' house. The original plan was that I was just going to pick up the money and gift check from my Mom but hubby texted that I wait for him there because he has a basketball game after office hours so I'd be bored if I went home early. So I waited for Charlie to pick me up and then afterwards, we went to a Pizza Hut in a nearby mall. I feasted on Fetuccine Alfredo while hubby had Garlic Shrimps and Mushroom Pasta. Aside from that, we decided to split the Chicken Wings and Garlic and Sausage Pizza. O di ba? Super takaw kami, hahaha!

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Maeyo said...

Sarap lalo kumain pag preggy! :)