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28 November 2008

Cheese Popcorn

Food Friday

Today, right after I got off from work, I went straight to the nearest mall... Quickly bought groceries for the following week and then bought this:

A bucket of cheese popcorn from popperoo!

Hubby and I made tonight a movie night and watched the DVD of Stephen King's "The Shawshank Redemption". I know it's an old film already but hubby has yet to watch it and since an officemate of mine lent it to me for the weekend, we decided to make a movie night of it. Of course by the end of the movie our hands were orangy yellow from the cheese flavoring of the popcorn and it was already time for an uber late dinner but it was fun. It's been a while since Charlie and I went out to watch a movie but this is better. We get to kick off our shoes and put our feet up and cuddle while watching the movie. We must do this again soon!

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