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01 June 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

They say disasters come in threes... If it really does, then, thank God! Because These past week or so has left me really tired and emotionally drained. First Baby Marian (my niece) had measles and so she was super irritable for several days and she even lost her otherwise healthy appetite. She lost a little weight but now she's fine... the red marks all gone and she is slowly but surely gaining back the weight she lost.
And then one of the workers in the house my parents are renovating had an accident. He fell from a scaffolding and injured his left arm. He got a huge gash running from an inch below his wrist to his elbow. He was also black and blue for a couple of days, but thankfully the wound is healing fast and he said he was okay to go back to work.
And then the last (hopefully) of these series of unfortunate events... My Uncle Eddie (my mother's brother) died last Saturday from a lingering lung disease. He has been suffering for a long time now and we all feel that he is in a better place right now. Away from pain and suffering, away from sickness and sadness. Yes, we, his family, mourn the death of a loved one but we also are thankful that his ordeal is over. Your children and grandchildren will always remember you and keep your loving memories. We love you Tito Eddie!

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