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02 June 2008

On the Road to Recovery

I guess it is quite a feat to overcome sadness and despair when one has lost a loved one, I witnessed my cousins grief today as we bid our farewell to Tito Eddie. His eldest daughter, Elida, particularly was wailing and calling out "Daddy, Daddy" as his coffin was being lowered to the ground... And I fought to hold back the tears because I know how painful it must be for her. It is just a blessing that her children were all there to cry with her and then later on to try and amuse her. She was not able to refuse to smile when her youngest daughter tried to entertain her on the way back to the house. God really works in mysterious ways... He knows how to slowly heal broken hearts... to slowly ease the pain of the bereaved. Thank God that my cousins, neices and nephews are all going to be alright.

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Jhona said...

Oh my ur pregnant sis! wow congrats.. inggit na nman ako. gusto ko na rin mag ka baby.. kaya lang wala c hubby..hehe pero mag kikita na din kami nyan soon. so, first plan nmin having a baby na.. ahhahha!!! congrats again sis..