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17 June 2008

God's Gift

The past week or so has been truly a chaos of unforgettable happenings in my life. And I have restrained myself from blogging about them for various reasons that I don't want to dwell on... let's get on with the recent events that made my life even more exciting and happy...
First, there is the completion of my parents' home. Although I am a bit sad that I don't get to see them everyday like when they moved in with us while their house is being re-built, I am happy to report that they are now home and currently enjoying their new house.

house exterior 01
house exterior 02
master bedroom

more pictures to follow (since they're still rearranging their stuff)

and then here's the more personal, and really happy news... I'm pregnant! Finally! Oh yes, I can finally say it, I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant today! After two long years of waiting to finally be able to say that we are going to have a baby, I am ecstatic to announce this news to one and all!

1st sign of life
1st sign of life (2)

I have already gone to an OB to have my HCG levels checked and see how far along I really am because ever since I have stopped taking my fertility meds months ago, my monthly period has gone irregular again. I underwent ultrasound to check my due date... turns out I was only 6 weeks 1 day preggy even though my last period was in March.

6 weeks 1 day

The OB said I had a nicely shaped (because it was round and big daw) gestational sac but it was too early to see the baby so I was adviced to go back after two weeks for another TVS and we'll go from there. I have been reading up on different mommy stories on when their baby was first seen on ultrasound and some of the stories were depressing because some turned out to have a blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy but I am staying postive and keeping the faith that this would not be the case for me.... There were also several stories I've read that said their babies weren't visible in the ultrasound until they were well on their 8th week so and their babies turn out healthy and without complications... Besides, nothing and no one can rain on my parade now, I am grateful that my current OB is very positive as well and tells me there is a greater chance that it was just really too early to see the baby. She prescribed me a couple of weeks worth of prenatal vitamins and scheduled my visit on the 24th of this month. I am continuously praying that everything would turn out ok... I went on leave for one week last week, just so I could stay off my feet for long periods and have ample time to rest and de-stress myself. I didn't even take allergy medications eventhough I was so covered in red spots for a couple of days due to the intense heat (the doctor said it was safe to take my meds and my heightened sensitivity to allergens was due to my changing levels of hormones) and just stayed inside our airconditioned bedroom most of the time (mindless of how huge our electric bill would be). I am currently feeling breast tenderness and slight cramping everytime I stand for long periods but other than that, I am fine... I am happy and staying focused on having a healthy baby. (Walang kokontra!)


♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said...

wow! Heidi Congrats! :) i am super duper happy for you! :) oh, mas ingat parati ha! mwuah!

AiDiSan said...

Hi Sis,

Congratulations! I'm truly & sincerely happy for you and your hubby. Take care of the baby 'coz it's God's greatest gift to both of you.

Heidi said...

Thanks to you, aidisan and kathy! And I promise to take care of myself and the baby... be visiting you both often!

Jena Isle said...

Congrats on the new baby... and the joys she /he will bring.

Ann said...

oh my Godddddddddddddd! sis I'm so happy ... natutuwa ako kasi dalawa kayong TCT na nabuntis ngayon year na ito na kilala ko. Ingats ka palagi ha... wag ka papakapagod... at kainin mo lahat ng gusto mo basta good for you and the baby ha. Stay happy always mwah! Lagi ka na mag-a-update ng blog mo ha :) mwah!

Ann said...

Ooops, sa sobrang excitement, I forgot to say Congrats sa iyo and kay Charlie :)

Maeyo said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is really great news!!!

Take extra care of yourself, eat healthy and keep smiling!!! :)

Pat said...

hi, congratulations on the wonderful news!! so happy for u! take care.

Andrea Mella said...

hi there... congratulations.. it is definitely another blessing ;)