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21 February 2010

Wishlist (Part 1)

These days, it's very seldom (if ever) that I get to watch TV.  Which is a good thing considering that I had time to watch TV for just a couple or so hours today while Adam took a long nap and I saw stuff from the shopping channel that I want to have or has caught part of a series that I now want to be able to watch regularly or maybe just watch online!

First there's this spin mop that I really got fascinated with.  I mean it looks easy to use plus I don't have to wring the mop with my hands when I rinse it.

Then there's the 9 minute marinator which promises good food everytime.  I particularly like the tenderizer feature which I could definitely use on meat for grilling which my husband loves.

Then as I was flipping through channels I caught sight of the teaser of Drop Dead Diva and I really liked it and now I wanna be able to watch it but I didn't catch the airing schedule and even if I did, I don't think I'll be able to remember it, let alone watch it...

It's going to be like a couple of weeks ago when I was able to watch the "Bird" episode of Worst Week where laughed my a** off and has promised to watch the succeeding episodes but has never gotten to!

I even went online to search for online episodes but I can't seem to find a working link!  Now I have to remember to look for these shows when I am able to go to a DVD store, if they're available so I can watch them.

But as this post title suggests, this is just part of my loooong wishlist, and although I don't plan to throw my earnings (or my husband's) down the drain by spending it on whatever looks pleasing or caught my fancy, I still can wish, can't I?

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