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15 February 2010


Lately I cannot say "Thank You" enough for all the blessings that we have been getting... I just feel so loved and blessed to be getting all the material things and the positive feedback and events that have recently come my way.  I cannot put into words how happy I am at this very minute...

~ ♥ ~

Valentine's Day was almost like any ordinary Sunday for us... see eversince December of 2009, my hubby's only restday falls on a Monday so most weekends, we don'y get to spend with him.  Yesterday, I thought he was going to forgo any form of celebration for Valentine's because he didn't even give it a mention during our usual everyday conversations, but my hubby being the closet-romantic that he is, was planning something special pala!  My day started ordinary enough... waking up a bit later than usual and then taking my son, Adam to church, while hubby goes to work.  I even joked about it to my friends and family who asked how I was celebrating my Valentine's day - I said, "May date kami ni Adam".  I brought my son to the mall where we just walked around, did a bit of grocery shopping (which mostly consists of diapers and milk) and then we ate at McDonald's because Adam just loves their fries and spaghetti.  And by late afternoon we were already at my parents' home.

  Charlie came at around 9:30 PM, played a little with Adam before we finally were able to get him to sleep at around 10:30 PM.  By 11:00 PM, Charlie and I were already in our apartment and I thought our day was over, without him even saying "Happy Valentine's Day".  As we have been doing for quite a while now, we said our prayers together before sleeping and as I was about to lie down he said "Honey, pwede ba pakikuha mo naman ako ng T-shirt?", since I'm used to him wearing just boxers or pajama bottoms when he sleeps I asked "Bakit? Giniginaw ka ba?", which he then answered with a "Yes" and so I said "Gusto mo, patayin ko na lang yung aircon?" but he said "Hindi na, mag-T-shirt n lng ako" and then I remembered that there are a couple of his shirts that I haven't put in his cabinet and are still on top of the ironing board so I got up and took one and gave it to him, but he didn't want that shirt and came up with the flimsiest of reasons: "Gusto ko yung white lang, wag na yang de-color", to which I replied "E di ikaw na kumuha, ang arte mo naman pang-tulog lang namimili pa ng kulay".  But he said "Ikaw na lang, please" so I went to the other room where his cabinet was located and upon opening the door I saw a dozen pink and red balloons with "Happy Valentines" written on them and on each ribbon tied to the balloon were small notes like: "Whenever you walk in the room, my heart bursts with pride" or "Everyday, I discover more reasons for me to love you"... etc.

  Haay! I love you Mr. Charlie G. Yadao!  Happy talaga ang Valentine's day basta were together!

~ ♥ ~

Today, despite all the problems I have recently discovered (which I will not discuss on this post since I want this to be a happy one), we had our flag raising ceremony and our boss talked about love during her message of the week.  And then after our "short program" she treated us to a breakfast meal from McDonald's and greeted us a belated Happy Valentine's Day.

~ ♥ ~

Just a couple of minutes ago, a long lost friend and classmate from high school got in touch with me and invited me to join a reunion.  I miss my high school friends and although I am not sure whether I'll be going to the reunion or not, I made a promise that we will get together really soon to catch up on all the kwento and goings on with our lives... There's going to be some major catching up!

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