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17 February 2010

Refrigerated Cake (Peaches)

Since I was able to go home early yesterday, I had time to look at our pantry and see what I can "tinker" with... I found an unopened bottle of peaches which I bought a week ago (thinking I was going to have peach melba) a couple of packs of Graham Crackers and All purpose cream.  All I needed was milk and I was ready to begin preparing my refrigerated cake.

It only took 30 minutes to prepare the cake so after placing in the fridge, I still had time to play with a Adam for a while.  I guess I must have played with my son a little longer than I was planning to or maybe my cake was just that irrisistible that before I knew it... brother has already sliced his share of it! nyahahaha!  Anyway, I was planning to put it in a nice serving plate and garnish it with the peaches I set aside specifically for that purpose and then take a picture of it, but this was the only picture I was able to take because as soon as my sisters and mom got wind that the cake was already sliced, they also took their share and ate it! :)

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AiDiSan said...

that looks yummy Sis:)