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06 January 2008

Under Construction

To everyone who has been here before, I'm guessing you have noticed the "new look" to my blog... please bare with me as I am still "tweaking" the details of this new skin so there would still be improvements as to the look and navigation of the blog... gosh, I forgot how hard it is to start over! Anyways, there's one good thing that came out of this... I now have a link to my wedding blog which I forgot about already... but I would be uploading other stuff there like parts of the wedding video and AVP (got inspired by Thet's AVP upload...) because I now know how to do it...

So expect more changes here and updates on the wedding blog that I should have done long ago!


ruther said...

ahemmm...special mention pa...good morning sis! :)

Heidi said...

syempre naman... ganyan talaga pag sikat! hehehe!