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04 January 2008


I have made and uploaded my first two blinkies yesterday! Yey! The first one is the "I love Digiscraping" blinkie found in the addicting hobbies part of this blog and the other one is the "Thank You for visiting Winged Words" blinkie which I placed in the welcome guests box... hopefully I can make more as time goes by... maybe even more complicated ones... as for now, my current project is the changing of my blog template... I know, I know, I just changed it several months ago, but it's the new year and I want something new... maybe tomorrow, I'll be done with it already... haay! being cooped up in the house can get you tinkering on a lot of things talaga! Like last night I started creating a scrapbook (not a digital one but a real scrapbook on what our house looks like now and what I would want our house (the one that we bought in cavite -- strike that -- loaned pala!) to look like. I literally cut out pictures in magazines and pasted it on the scrapbook. Also I found this old, paint palette we were given when we once went to a builders' exhibit and ripped out the paint colors that I liked and stuck it to the scrapbook! My husband commented on me being overly excited about it when we don't even know when we would be given the "thumbs up" to start the renovations... I just smiled at him and said "better be ready, than be caught without plans"... the truth is, I really am excited, I mean, finally I would be able to do the things I want as to the paint color and placement of built in cabinets and installation of display cabinets in the kitchen and stuff...

Maybe I'm just bored... But at least me creative juices are still flowing even with this blasted allergies! Whatever, anyways... people, watch out for the changes that are coming to the look of this blog!

(Ooops! I just realized I was just going to post about the blinkies and I got carried away again... anyway... I'd like to credit the Denim Page Kit by happy-scrap for the paper, elements and other stuff I put on both the blinkies.)

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