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22 January 2008

Busy Bee

The past week or so has been really crazy making it quite impossible for me to update my blog... anyways, hopefully I would be able to go online more this week.

As for the "why, the long absence?" this is what has been going on:

Last week, Charlie got sick, maybe he got infected with the virus that infected me a couple of weeks back... anyways, he went on sick leave for two days and although I was still going to work during the days that he was at home and sick, I, of course didn't have time to go online because the free time that I get, I use to check up on hubby who was suffering from continuous high fever and severe headache as well as a runny nose. After a lot of TLC, he was able to go back to work after a couple of days. But the crazy week has only started for me... first I had to transfer more than a couple of thousand files from the old filing cabinets that they were housed to the new tambor cabinets that were delivered to my office... whew! talk about a lot of work! Plus I had to check that each file/folder contains the necessary papers... As in! Major work load! Good thing I am just in the last few drawers and this task would be over soon...

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