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17 December 2009

8 days to go `till Christmas!

Initially, I was planning a 12 days of christmas countdown... an everyday posting of significant events leading to the day itself starting on the 12th of December which is my Mom's birthday. Needless to say, I didn't get to do that, because I got so wrapped up with the daily activities, coupled with the rush of the season. Anyway, I'll try to post as much as I can despite the increasingly long list of my errands and must-do's.

Like I've already mentioned, December 12 marked the 62nd birthday of my mom. We didn't get to do anything special that day because it was a workday. But my sister, Lynne, cooked carbonara and we just bought bread pan to go with it, hehehe... rush na e! I didn't even get to buy her a gift (slightly kapos sa budget, e) but I promised her a full supply of her medications (she has Parkinson's Disease) come pay day. Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday, "Simbang Gabi" started already... nope, I didn't get to attend the mass because hubby and I got home so late the night before, tending to Adam, that we were not able to wake up at the break of dawn.

The Christmas parties have already started... the other night (December 15), I got invited to attend the school custodians' Christmas Party and it was a blast! Thanks ate Cynthia and Grace for inviting me, I was laughing my heart out at the games you prepared, plus the food was delish!

Last night, I got to sneak in a bit of Christmas shopping after work. I went to the mall and bought something for the exchange gift for our office Christmas party tomorrow. I was going to have it wrapped there also but the line was super long that I decided against it. I also got to buy Adam's first baby toothbrush and a refill of his liquid soap. When Charlie came home from work, it turns out he also went to the mall (a different one) and bought Adam a polo shirt and hip-hop shorts, which he mistook for baby pants, hehehe!

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