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18 June 2009

Post of the Month

I guess I have to resign myself to having just one or two posts per month... I just haven't had the hang of balancing a career, being a housewife, being a mom to a four-month old baby, having a social life and maintaining a regularly updated blog. Anyway, this is my first and maybe last post for June...

A lot has happened and I wanted to blog about most of them but I guess the moment has passed me by that I cannot seem to put into words the details of what my complicated existence have been through for the past weeks... There's my son, Adam, turning four months and growing so big, so fast that now he doesn't fit anymore on the net which we normally use when bathing him so his Dad or my brother Allan would hold him in the baby tub while I bathe him.
And then there's the teambuilding seminar that I went to a week or so ago (where I took lots of pictures of but I can't seem to get around to organizing and uploading!)  Then there's also the matter of promotion (Yey! Finally!)  Now my thoughts are running faster again than my fingers could type so I better stop before I stop making sense and wait until I can post something again (hopefully more thought-cohesive, hehehe!).

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