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21 July 2009

What now?

When I think about it, it never ceases to amaze me how sometimes we choose a certain path with a certain goal in mind but when we reach the end of that path life surprises us with a totally different venue that we often get confused and oftentimes disoriented.  Before, I dealt differently with these "curve balls"... I used to punish myself by thinking about the choices I've made and dwelling on the "what ifs".  Now, I just take things in stride and pray that I would have the strength and wisdom to overcome the obstacles that come my way.  Recently, my mom was diagnosed with partial parkinson's disease.  Anyone who has been reading this blog in the past months would know that my mom is the one who takes care of my son, Adam while go to work everyday... Last week was a battle... I had to go on leave for a week because although my brother could help me out with Adam, he is far from experienced with regards to diaper changing, giving a 5-month old baby a bath, etc.  This week is a whole different battle -- yes, I'm back at work but my mind is constantly on the move as to how we could solve our problem with who would take care of my baby.  It's fortunate that this week my sister is on a week-long leave and is able to take care of Adam but the weeks to come after this is still a big question mark!  A nanny would be the perfect solution, of course, but hiring one isn't as easy as 1-2-3.  These days, it really is quite hard to find a nanny with whom you would be able to trust enough to leave your kids with.  (*SIGH*)

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