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12 May 2008


My frequent visitors may be wondering why I have not updated in quite a long time... this is why... Before April ended my internet connection at home bogged down, and it took quite a long time before it got serviced, to be up and running again... and then when it was finally repaired, I got busy with lots of stuff so I wasn't able to blog. And then last week I was hospitalized for 3 days because my asthma acted up again and this attack wasn't a minor one. I was fighting to breath for a couple of days and if I didn't beg my doctor to please release me from the hospital, I probably would have stayed there longer. I guess the heat was just too much for me. So anyway, here I am, attempting to pick up where I left off but there are just too many things I have to do and too many events that I want to blog about that I don't know where to start. Let me just collect my thoughts and maybe later I'll be able to come up with a couple more posts of what has been happening with me lately. I already have several drafts waiting to be published but the internet connection here at the office is so slow and I have several photos I want to upload... besides, I am going to have to publish those in between paperwork and other office duties so... Well, that's my problem... anyway, to everyone who visited while I was "out" thanks a lot, and to those who tagged me, I will get to them eventually, just give me a little time... I'll be returning bloghops soon!

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