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15 May 2008

More Details (Part I)

Ok, so I was so swamped with "catch-up office work" that I wasn't able to blog more about my activities for the past couple of weeks of blogosphere absence. Well, you know how it is... you're gone for 4 days and you work starts piling up and before you know it, your office table is just a memory and all you see in front of your chair are folders and papers that needs to be attended to. Anyways, half of my table can be seen now so I take it as a hint that I deserve to be able to blog for a while.

***Warning: before you continue reading, let it be known that the following are past happenings already, I just wanted to be able to journal them even if the moment's true excitement, disappointment or whatever has already passed by.

House Guests

Recently (about two weeks already, actually) my parents, together with my siblings, moved in with us at the townhouse we are currently renting. No, not for good, it's just that our super old house in Parañaque (the one I grew up in) is being renovated. Actually, the old house was buldozed to the ground so let me correct myself, it is not being renovated. They're building a new house from scratch. Instead of having them rent another place while the house is being rebuilt, hubby and I volunteered our townhouse for us to share. I mean, they're just going to be there for a month and a half anyway, so why rent? Besides, the townhouse we are renting is big enough for all of us naman. Here are some of the current pictures of the house being built:

Feast of Saint Joseph

On May 4 , we celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph in Las Piñas, there were lots of fun activities including games for kids and a marching band contest. I cooked a simple meal for us and our guests.

... now I have to go back to work so this post will have to be continued later!

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