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04 October 2007

Shopping Spree

My mom and I went on a spur of the moment outing yesterday at the Mall of Asia. I didn't go to work, to put it simply, I played hookey for a whole day spent it with my mom who's currently on month-long vacation from work as per her doctor's orders. I guess she's starting to get bored all cooped up at home that she called me and asked me if I had anything specially planned for the day. i of course just told her that aside from boring office work, I wasn't planning on doing anything else. So when she then asked if I could accompany her to go "out", I immediately said "sure" because normally, my mom wouldn't even dare of asking me to absent myself from work just to accompany her, I felt that she needed someone to be with her at the moment so I told her I could bring her to MOA if she wants and so we went... Well, I didn't expect my mom to be super energetic and walk and visit all the botiques in the mall or anything because she's always complaining of aching joints and muscles anyway and I just brought her there so she'd have new things to see and I could treat her out to lunch or something but I guess having her first born by her side gave her an extra energy boost because we went window shopping, and she didn't even complain of getting tired or anything (well except towards the end of the day, and by that time, I was tired as well!). She even helped me in choosing from a wide array of choices of makeup from elianto and endured the long wait as I tried on cute flip flops from ipanema (I bought a cutesy salmon colored one!). We had lunch as sbarro and then continued with the window shopping until she came upon stitchin' moments where she bought several patterns for her new cross stitch project. We went home at around four in the afternoon... I miss spending time with my mom... I know it can't be helped that I live apart from her now but I just wish I could still spend time with my family more...

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