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06 October 2007


I think I've had a post with the same title but hey, I'm only human... besides I don't know what's more apt than "changes" for this post. Yesterday, I've officially transferred to the new department that I am going to handle... It's kinda scary to think that I would be handling a more challenging job in terms of responsibility and also that it would entail quite a bigger effort on my part. First of all, my office needs to be... let's just say "improved". And folks, I am just putting it lightly when I say this because if I were just after the bigger, nicer office, I would definitely be staying at my former station. And looking past the superficial aspects of the transfer, there is also the work-load aspect -- I mean, talk about big difference! Anyways, I'm still very optimistic that this is a good change for me, and a welcome one at that.

On a more personal note, hubby and I have completed the payment for the equity of the house we are purchasing in cavite. I'm really getting more excited each day by the prospect of having a house of our which we can improve and do whatever we want, paint whatever color we want and not worry that our landlord will not approve... hopefully by April, next year we would be able to start on the improvements then be able to move by July... haay... I get giddy just thinking about it!

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