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07 November 2011

Everyday is a Miracle

Having a baby (even if it's already your second) really makes you discover new things about yourself and the changes that you have gone through either by choice or by circumstance.  What's even more enlightening is the fact that you are now living the life that you have dreamt of when you were younger.  Isn't that a miracle?  Here you are trying to achieve your goals and aspirations in life, praying that the realization of your dreams come soon and then before you know it, there it is... Now I feel so complete, I have a loving, generous and caring husband, a very active, intelligent, talented and good-looking son, and now a perfect princess ~ my daughter.
  Today, Izzy (that's what I want to call my princess) had her first check-up with her pediatrician.  So far, her she has gained weight: she's now 4 Kg.!  She'll be starting her vitamins by next week and her next appointment with her pedia is on the 30th for her Hepa B 2nd dose.  Haay, life is so amazing talaga... I went through all these with Adam but now that we're starting from scratch with a new baby, it still seems so refreshingly new.

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