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12 July 2012


I have been remiss in updating this blog for over three months now... I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and really write these days.  It's not that I lack topics to write about... in fact I have so much to say I don't know where to start.

My son, Adam, who's now three years and five months old is starting to learn how to read and write already... although I didn't enroll him in a daycare center (like his cousins) or a tutorial center, we try to teach him little by little at home.  Me, my mom and my husband Charlie take turns in guiding him how to write and identify letters and numbers.  And we do need to take turns, because he can be quite stubborn when he's not in the mood.  Even when you're at your calmest, sometimes your patience would really be tested when Adam's in one of his naughty moods.  So when I feel like I'm almost on the edge of getting angry with frustration, I take a step back and ask for a substitution! :))

My daughter, Charlize, is now eight months old.  She's just a happy little baby.  Even when she was nursing a fever and had colds a couple of weeks back, she didn't lose her smiles and laughter.  She's also started eating baby food when she turned 6 months and she eats with gusto!  She loves the Cerelac Soya and Monggo variant as well as the brown rice and milk variant.  She also loves Gerber Pears and Gerber Bananas.  Like her Kuya, she drinks Enfa A+ milk... she's now on Enfapro A+, while her Kuya is already on Enfakid A+.

Work, as always is an endless battle with paperwork, cataloging and encoding... but that's what I signed up for so no more complaints from me... Besides, I am lucky to have a job that pays enough so we could get by without having to beg for our keep.  Hubby is also kept busy with work but fortunately, both of us work from Monday to Friday only so we always spend the weekend with the kids.

We are blessed...

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