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11 January 2012


Since we are still at the beginning of 2012, I've decided to start fresh... at home, I have rearranged our bedroom furniture, bought new bedsheets and curtains (that compliment each other) and did a bit of general cleaning.  I even went as far as sorting the clothes in our closets.  I have "thrown out" those that we have not worn for quite some time either because they don't fit us anymore or we have just worn them out.  I still haven't touched our living areas yet since I plan on buying new furniture for that by summer, but there was still some "clean-up energy" left so I decided to rearrange my workplace also.  Of course I wouldn't be able to finish this in one work day because I still have to entertain clients that come to the office and there's just too much paperwork to be organized, but so far, so good!  My office table has been moved to a more favorable position and the sofa that serves as the waiting area for my clients (if I have more than one at a time) has also been placed better.  I'm lucky that I have my own office so that I don't have to take into consideration what my officemate would want instead of my preference.  My other co-workers were just surprised when they entered my office today but the general consensus is that the new arrangement is much more pleasing to the eye as well as more effective and dynamic.

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