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18 March 2011

All Day Sickness

While I was preggy with Adam, I didn't get to experience what most of my friends and relatives said they did while they were pregnant - morning sickness.  So, these days I'm thinking "be careful what you wish for..."  It's not like I wished for it, I sort of just shrugged at them when they were saying that it was hard for them to wake up in the morning because you feel like you're going to throw up any second... Well, here it is... and worse, because I also feel it in the afternoon and sometimes at night!

The solution:  Currently eating small but frequent meals; I always have saltines and/or hard candies in my bag; and I take 5-minute naps whenever I get overpowered by drowsiness.  Hopefully, I would be able to overcome this stage really soon because it is quite a damper on the happiness of being pregnant, not to mention, it becomes a hassle when I have to attend to Adam but I feel so sick to do so. :(

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