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18 February 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars

I am just so hooked on this series that I have to write about it. Ever since I watched and finished Amazing Race (season 3) I just have to watch each and every episode... too bad I missed season 5 but the rest, I kept close vigil of... But now, talagang super kaabang-abang pa lalo because my favorite team "Rob & Amber" is back! View Rob & Amber on innertube now
I'll be rooting for them, sana they'll be able to make it this time, kasi slightly disappointed ako nung mag-second lang sila nung season 7. Tapos David & Mary is a couple I'd also like to see make it to the finals kasi parang super bait nila tapos parang member of the masses pero they strive hard to finish the challenges din. I'm not rooting for Uchenna & Joyce kasi they already had their Million nung season 7. Tapos si Dustin & Kandice parang evil twin sisters sila (hehe, pero di naman sila sisters!) To everyone who likes this kind of program, it's aired on AXN every Monday 9:00PM with replays every Saturday 11:00AM.

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