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30 January 2007

The Move

There’s always a time for firsts, and may I say ever since I met Charlie I have been experiencing a lot of firsts in my life. And this move, from an apartment to our new house is quite a big first for me…. Ok, granted that when Charlie and I lived together on our own after the wedding, it could be classified as a move for me but then I only moved my clothes, shoes, accessories and whatnot… All our furniture and appliances were delivered to our apartment. We didn’t have to pack like crazy the way we did this time. Man! Talk about fatigue! Charlie, honey... I know you didn't mean to drop the burden of packing all our stuff and moving on my shoulders on purpose but it really was quite a task for me. Good thing Malyn was there to help out.

Our ordeal started last Wednesday, January 24. I had to go on leave from work so as to get a jumpstart on packing the stuff that we have accumulated in the past 9 months that we have been living together. I didn't, not even in my wildest dreams, think that the stuff we get for ourselves every now and then could be that much already! Whew! We had to bubble wrap the fragile stuff, label every box, bag every single piece of clothing and pack everything carefully! Of course I also had to arrange for our cable and phone lines to be transferred to our new address... All that time I kept telling myself, "I could do this, I could do this!". I mean, if I was able to make all the preparations for our wedding on my own then, then this would be a breeze. But this task was more than just finding suppliers and haggling with them, this was physically challenging also! By Friday afternoon, I was slowed down with a minor asthma attack... and we were still on the last phase of packing by the time the "lipat-bahay" truck arrived on Saturday morning (Jan. 27). And just when I thought things would be easier from thereon in... Came the unloading of the stuff that we packed for three days! Wow! Good thing we would not be moving again for a long time... At least now, we have put everything in its place and would just be cleaning up the floors that we have messed up, hehehe... Special thanks nga pala to my Dad and my brother, Howard for helping out with the move. Haay! Saka na pictures, I forgot to photograph the house na kasi super pagod na.

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