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05 November 2004

We're Engaged!

October 29, 2004 - Sinait, Ilocos Sur... This when and where Charlie proposed marriage... Haaay! Finally we're getting married!

After having dinner at their house (w/ Charlie's parents) we went to a beach-front videoke place owned by his cousin. And after a couple of beers and a lot of off-key singing we headed home. And then out of the blue, while we were W.W.H.H. (walking while holding hands) he suddenly stopped and said let's get married! Well you can imagine my surprise! I mean it came out of nowhere! And I just said "Sige!" thinking it was just a joke or something... and then he said "OK! Ipon na tayo para next year, tamang-tama!" And that's was my turn to stop and say "Seryoso ka ba?!" and to cut the long story short, although probably not so romantic to most people, It was very "kilig" for me and we finally, seriously, mutually decided to get hitched in 2006!

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