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12 July 2012


I have been remiss in updating this blog for over three months now... I just can't seem to find the time to sit down and really write these days.  It's not that I lack topics to write about... in fact I have so much to say I don't know where to start.

My son, Adam, who's now three years and five months old is starting to learn how to read and write already... although I didn't enroll him in a daycare center (like his cousins) or a tutorial center, we try to teach him little by little at home.  Me, my mom and my husband Charlie take turns in guiding him how to write and identify letters and numbers.  And we do need to take turns, because he can be quite stubborn when he's not in the mood.  Even when you're at your calmest, sometimes your patience would really be tested when Adam's in one of his naughty moods.  So when I feel like I'm almost on the edge of getting angry with frustration, I take a step back and ask for a substitution! :))

My daughter, Charlize, is now eight months old.  She's just a happy little baby.  Even when she was nursing a fever and had colds a couple of weeks back, she didn't lose her smiles and laughter.  She's also started eating baby food when she turned 6 months and she eats with gusto!  She loves the Cerelac Soya and Monggo variant as well as the brown rice and milk variant.  She also loves Gerber Pears and Gerber Bananas.  Like her Kuya, she drinks Enfa A+ milk... she's now on Enfapro A+, while her Kuya is already on Enfakid A+.

Work, as always is an endless battle with paperwork, cataloging and encoding... but that's what I signed up for so no more complaints from me... Besides, I am lucky to have a job that pays enough so we could get by without having to beg for our keep.  Hubby is also kept busy with work but fortunately, both of us work from Monday to Friday only so we always spend the weekend with the kids.

We are blessed...

26 March 2012

Hot Zambo Express

I saw a new product (or at least this is new to me) that caught my eye at the grocery store last weekend...
The Hot Zambo Express from Family's Brand really lives up to it's name... H-O-T!  And I mean hot, buti na lang the weather's kinda cold these days and one needs the heat. whew!  I can still feel the zing on my tongue and it's already been more than a couple of hours since I've had breakfast.  If you ask me if it's good enough to buy again... I'd say "yeah, if you're into the hot stuff" but I wouldn't recommend it for those who want just a bit of spice.  As for me, I wouldn't be buying any for me anytime soon, since hubby doesn't really go for hot and spicy foods.  But I would definitely recommend it to my sister, Mae and her Bicolano boyfriend who prefers chili by the dozen, hehehe!

16 March 2012


My hubby and I share our love for chocolates (but the intensity of his love for anything chocolate is much more evident that mine :P ), so when we heard about Magnum... a belgian chocolate covered ice cream, we definitely wanted to try it.
The Verdict:  It really is quite delish!  If it wasn't so expensive, I could probably eat two in one sitting.

12 March 2012

Izzy's Baptism

If I have been absent for a while in updating this blog, this is not solely due to my balancing act as a career woman and a mom, this also partly because I was extra busy preparing for my daughter's christening.  Now that it's finally done, I can write...

Yesterday, my daughter, Charlize Ann was welcomed to the catholic faith at the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Parañaque.  Her daddy and I were so happy that our family and friends graced us with their presence during the event.  We had the reception afterwards at Chowking and I am quite satisfied with their service, the crew were very polite and helpful.  Plus the food was delish and served just at the right time.  Our guests went home with their bellies full and their hearts light.  The giveaways were done by El Regalo and they were really nice.  The diaper cake from Party Fairies was a hit as part of the backdrop in a lot of our guests photos.  And the DIY tokens for the godparents were also well received.  All in all, it was a success!  Here are some of the highlights of the event in pictures:

23 February 2012

Water Color

Last weekend, I let my son use his free water color set from Enfakid A+.  He had lots of fun, painting the coloring pages that I printed out for him.
Hubby and I got in on the fun too... Adam was so proud of his work that he put them all on display on our refrigerator door.  After that, he had nothing else to talk about but coloring the rest of the day.  Even during Sunday mass, he kept saying that he was going to show Mamu & Dada (my parents, his grandparents) all of his work and that we should print more coloring pages so he could paint more.  I asked him to be quiet at least during mass and we will do so... He was very good and quiet until the mass was finished that we rewarded him to a trip to the mall and his favorite arcade.  Afterwards, we had early dinner at KFC.

15 February 2012

Hearts Month

Today was my third (and thankfully, the last) day of "calling in sick" at work.  Over the recent weekend, my cough and colds got worse so I wasn't able to go to work since Monday so that I could recuperate faster.  As I was feeling a bit better, hubby asked me to go on a post-Valentine's Day movie date with him.  It has been quite a while since we've watched a movie (in the theater) so I said yes.  Plus I really, really am super excited with the sequel of Ghost Rider  so even though I was still coughing occasionally, I wasn't able to pass up on this.  I don't like to elaborate too much on the film as I might get carried away and give out spoilers... suffice it to say that you really should watch this if you liked the first movie.  I just love Nicolas Cage... next movie to look forward to would be National Treasure 3:
Since I have been in bed almost the whole time that I was home these past couple of days (my kids are with my mom at my parents' house so they wouldn't catch what I have) I was able to squeeze in reading a couple of books I have purchased a while back but has not gotten the chance to read.  "Call After Midnight" and "Stolen" by Tess Gerritsen were the ones I couldn't put down once I started reading them so I got to finish them.  Lately, I have been looking for more Tess Gerritsen books that my collection of Sandra Brown books may soon be matched by a new favorite author!

Also, since I had so much free time... I was able to research on how I could further stimulate my son's mind by giving him more educational activities at home.  I was already talking to my husband and my mom about enrolling him at a nearby school but my mom said it might be too early for him.  This article is also very helpful when contemplating on "school" choices for your kids.  I haven't reached a final plan yet, but this summer, I would definitely be looking for an activity to expose Adam to "school environment" so I could gently ease him into it and avoid the "crying" when it's time for him to attend "real school" already.

Tomorrow, I'll be going back to work... back to papers and deadlines...

03 February 2012

Dropping By

Work has been quite hectic these past couple of weeks that I have not even visited my own blog much more visit my friends' blogs... Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to do that!  Anyway, I'm happy to report that life has been quite amazing.  My son, Adam celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 26th and got his wish!
My baby, Charlize is now 3 months and she often smiles and giggles when you talk to her.  She's getting so big, it's gonna be time to keep (or give away) some of her clothes to give room to her bigger clothes *plus we have to buy new ones, of course*.  On her last monthly visit to her pediatrician, she weighed 5.5 kilos already! And she got her ears pierced.
  I keep thanking the good Lord for all the blessings he keeps on giving me and my family... even for the stress of being busy at work, for without it, my husband and I wouldn't be able to provide for our kids' needs and the occasional luxury.

That's all I've got to report right now. (or that's all I can with so little free time)

23 January 2012

Water Dragon

As far as I can remember, this is the only time that the Chinese New Year became a holiday from work... So here I am, just now about to go to sleep and it's about to turn 2am already... I let my little boy stay up also, we watched fireworks (on Television, hehehe) and shared a midnight meal of Ham, Barbeque, Sweet and Spicy Roasted Chicken, Herbed Loaf, Queso de Bola, Fruit Salad and Tikoy.  May the year of the water dragon bring all of us good luck!

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

14 January 2012

Plastic or Paper?

More and more people are getting more aware of the impact of our day to day activities to our environment.  This is more evident in the new ordinances that some of the cities here in the Philippines have put into effect.  Like now, in Las Piñas City, when you go to the malls or groceries, they don't use plastic bags anymore.  Your purchases will be placed in paper bags or you bring your own recyclable bags.  At first, like most new things, it can be quite a hassle, specially if you forgot to bring your own bag and you have to commute carrying all your purchases in brown paper bags without handles.  But once you get used to it, and you think of how in your own little way, you have contributed to helping save our planet, then it definitely is worth the effort!

12 January 2012


As a child (until I was in my early adult years), I have been known to succumb to the occasional temper tantrums.  Although, of course, they were much less often as I grew older.  I am not known for my patience but rather for the lack of it.  When I gave birth to my first child, my son, Adam, my friends and family told me that I was going to have to learn to be more patient and that there always has to be room for compromise.  They were right.  Specially now that Adam is already about to turn 3 years old and I have a newborn to take care of, being a mommy also means being a negotiator, a nurse, a playmate and a teacher.  All the said occupations require a certain amount of patience and understanding.  I cannot just lose my temper.  I cannot just launch into a shouting session or be angry at my kids.  Even as a wife, I have learned to control the sudden surge of emotions that come with not getting things to go the way you plan it.  Life just doesn't work that way.